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Anonymous: I love love Kylie's style, would you say her style is a bit boho? also, where can I get an outfit like the 1 where she is wearing the black crochet droptop with the white sort of slit skirt?

No I wouldn’t say her style is boho at all. The shirt is from love and lemons, not sure about the skirt though!xo

Anonymous: Where could I get a jacket like the 1 kylie's wearing in your most recent picture of her on her own(where she's wearing the really long coat)


Thinkin Bout You | Frank Ocean

(via pra-ay)

chickonthemove: What should I wear to a Steve Aoki concert? Love your blog btw! Fan from Honduras XO

Tie dye crop shirt , metallic short xo

jissell-galvez: What should I wear to an Aldo shoes interview

Silk black overalls with your fave pair of Aldo shoes

Anonymous: Do you think hi-lo shirts are done? I have a lightweight black one that I love that I want to wear again this summer. X

Ehhh I personally am done with the high low skirt trend. I’ve just seen it too much but if you want to keep wearing them then you should!

Anonymous: what are some good boho camping and road trip clothes/essentials for the summer!? xx thanks gurl

Take a peak at my boho staples list and choose some things from there! Just scroll through my blog a bit an u will see it.

Anonymous: what would you wear with black jeffrery campbells

You would need to be more specific about the style of the shoe. But hey they’re black so they’ll most likely go with a bunch of things!