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Anonymous: Would you consider putting some of the depop items on sameoldchic? I don't have a depop and I'm interested in a few items

Email me with what depop items of mine you’re interested in and you can just pay me through PayPal, my email is

Anonymous: Where can I find affordable classic band tees? Xoxo

Hot topic, flea markets, thrift shops, eBay, etsy, blogger shops etc

Anonymous: Where can I get specific delicate necklaces to layer either online or stores? Xo

Asos, urban, forever21, etsy, nastygal, eBay

Anonymous: Do you think your toes and nail color have to match?

If they’re not showing then no, but I personally like both my nails and toes to match when I wear polish!xo

Anonymous: Hi Court :) This isnt about style advice, but I just wanted to thank you for the instagram post you made earlier about cutting your hair. I've been wanting to cut my hair too for a while and mine is only at my shoulders but it seems like such a drastic change. Your post gave me the extra push I needed and inspired me to do it so I'm finally gonna cut it next week. Thank you again! Have a great day <3

Aww yay! Go for it! I hope you love it! I think short hair is such a refreshing change!i can’t wait to get mine done! Xo

Anonymous: How would you pair a crochet vest with fringe at the bottom?

Crochet bralette,corset shorts, distressed ankle boots

"Some people aren’t antisocial, they’re just very selective when it comes to who they associate with."

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halloweenkitten: Hi! I love dressing in fall outfits but I'm not sure how I can since it's summer and It gets really hot here . What are some ways I can ? Thanks!

Just lightly layer your summer clothing!

Ex: wearing a slip dress but then layering a slouchy tee over it with ankle boots or layer kimonos over your maxis etc

t0mb-raider: Did you have to get your Novella Royal bell bottoms shortened? I work for Free People and their bell bottoms fit perfectly in the waist but are super long on me (I'm 5'3").

Yes I get them hemmed because they are just entirely too long! Once hemmed they are absolutely perfect!

wanderlustsgotmeflyin: Hi there! I'm a huge fan of your blogs and was wondering what closet staples you would suggest for hot weather? I'm moving to Scottsdale next week and am only used to about two months of hot weather haha thanks!

thank you! And you’re gonna love Scottsdale but the year around hot weather will take some getting used to! Some good clothing to have in your wardrobe for Warmer climates is tons of basic tees and tanks in different colors and styles, tons of shorts, rompers, airy dresses, good quality sunglasses,sandals, low booties, floppy hats, crops on crops on crops!