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Anonymous: If you had to choose between a denim acid wash or hawaiian print (it's mostly pink and colorful) for a crop top, which would you choose?

I’m really into vibrant colors this season so I would go with the hawaiian print!

Anonymous: Do you know how much I could sell the row/acne/textile Elizabeth and James pants?

Base your price on what you originally paid for them, the condition that they’re in and how in demand they are.

Anonymous: Im thinking about getting those black lace flared pants from your store but am unsure what size. Im on the smaller side but have a huge butt so I usually end up having to wear like 5s in pants though I have a lot of 3s and 4s too. Also wondering the same thing with the caged lingerie

I would go with the medium lace bell bottoms and a medium-large in the swimwear as well!

Anonymous: Hi should I get the Birkenstock Arizona sandal in black or the Dr. Martens Clarissa sandal in black? Thanks <3

I’d go with the Birkenstock!

Anonymous: How do you feel about ombré hair?? Too played out??

I still love it xo

Anonymous: is it too late for an undercut? do you think those hairstyles are played out or will be corny soon?

Do what you want but I think that particular hair style is extremely played out xo

Anonymous: What would you wear to a group hangout with a dude you're into? We're going to explore an abandoned asylum. If that helps, something cute & comfy? Thank you!!!!!

Wow thats a different activity to do lol definitely wear a cute pair of skinny’s, slouchy tee, tuck the front in, add a few dainty necklaces and bring a cute jacket because that place seems like it would be cold.

Anonymous: What do you think of the culture appropriation of wearing bindis and headdresses as "fashion statements" personally I find it ignorant but I was wondering what your personal opinion was!

Even though I reblog photos of people wearing them because sometimes I like the look of it, it’s not something I would personally wear because it’s not apart of my culture.

dazzlingdevil: Where is the belt from on the white shorts from urban ?

Huh? I would have to see the photo.