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Put coconut oil in your hair, exercise, take hot showers, massage lotion into your skin, eat food that makes you feel good, stretch, lay around in bed, and listen music that makes you feel happy. Just do you.

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yeah squats are great but have you ever tried:
side lunges
reverse lunges
donkey kicks
hip raises

there are many ways to get the booty.
mix it up a bit.

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l4yogenic: in you post with the denim overalls, and the white sweater, what brand is the sweater? i can't read the tag and it's sooooooooo cute

Umm I think it’s by a brand called nameless

Anonymous: From your mini makeup hail, which nyx product worked best for your eyebrows? xo

The eyebrow kit I wasn’t that crazy about but the NYX eyebrow push up bra pencil is amazing! Highly recommend it!