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directorscutlove: Hi, I have an interview at Old Navy next week, what would be a good outfit? You give such great advice :)

Thanks Hun!

I would wear dark wash skinny’s, no holes or distressing on them with a grey fitted tee, black blazer, dainty charm necklace, ankle strap heels, big faced watch. Good luck!! Xo

Anonymous: Would you say ripped boyfriend jeans are still in?

Definitely! They can easily be styled through out any season. I kinda consider them to be a new wardrobe essential!

"Ignoring your passion is slow suicide. Never ignore what your heart pumps for. Mold your career around your lifestyle not your lifestyle around your career."

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psickly: where should I buy a pair of good jeans? maybe American Apparel?

If I were to buy a pair I would probably buy from AA

nouslultime: Are chunky gladiator sandals still in?

I love them and in the winter you can throw them on with chunky ankle socks and maxis for a fun and cozy look!

Anonymous: Is it okay to wear dark lipstick in the summertime?

I’ve been loving dark makeup looks for summer! Looks amazing!

Anonymous: Should I buy a pair of transparent jellies? I saw a cute pair the other day. x

Ehhh, if you like them go for them but i would start buying shoes for fall/ winter. Jellies scream summer and summer is almost over.

Anonymous: What to wear for a job interview at a preschool?

Black jeans, simple cotton tee, statement necklace

Anonymous: what would you wear with the black aa tennis skirt that is high school appropriate?

Cotton scoop back striped body suite with a classic denim jacket and converse

checkformonsters: i have a oversized black mesh t, what would you wear w/ it? xxx

Black velvet hot shorts, doc marten, choker.