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Anonymous: Hey Court. I'm going to a close family friends funeral next week and everyone has to wear at least a little bit of purple as it was her favourite colour. What would you suggest so I still look respectful ? Thanks xxx

Black dress with purple heels or black dress with purple nail polish and a purple clutch xo

humanscanbemonsterstoo: You know those cut out boots ? Are they gonna be in season for long ? Idk if I should buy them or not ? What's your opinion on them ?

Those Are still very much in style, i just don’t find them to be comfortable though xo

kid--with--gun: do you happen to know where i could buy some nice slip on trainers? )online or at some european chainstore)

TopShop and Steve Madden xo

Anonymous: I'm a 34A. Is it appropriate to just throw away all my uncomfortable bras & just wear lace bralettes?

You can definitely get away with wearing lace bras majority of the time but it is also a good idea to keep at least one or two underwire bras around as well! Xo

Anonymous: do you think vinyl/pvc will still be around or is it getting tired as a trend?

It’s a trend that will continue to fade in and out of style. Xo

Anonymous: What do you think of the slip-on sneakers? I'm thinking of buying a pair but im not sure tho

I’m actually really loving them at the moment!

nikkiharlow: do you know if you'll be getting any more of the cold shoulder rompers in soon to sell?

hopefully some similar! xo

Anonymous: black, gold, or silver accessories for a fancy event? xx

I would mix the silver and black xo

Anonymous: Where can I get a lingerie style slip dress that isn't too expensive?

forever21 had a few really cute ones, i can’t tell you if theyre still in stock or not xo

Anonymous: I'd love to buy your leather moto jacket. Im about 5'2, 110 lbs, do you think it'll fit like a cropped jacket or will it go down to my waist?


It should fit you like it fits the model wearing it because you two are around the same weight and height! xo

Anonymous: i live in a fairly cold climate… but do you think leather pants would still be out of the question for spring styles?

Nope, if your climate is cool enough for leather pants then do it! XO

Anonymous: Hi Courtney! I just bought the cold shoulder romper from your shop, and I was wondering about the fit. It says it's a small, but is it stretchy at all? Thanks! :)

Hey there! That was one of my favorite pieces in the shop! It is a size small and it does have stretch! Youre gonna love it! Mailing out soon!