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Anonymous: what do you think of wearing leather leggings in the spring?

It’s not something I would do because where I live it’s already close to 100 degrees already :/

Anonymous: I'm going to a BBQ at my boyfriends grandads house, and all his family will be there, and I have no idea what to wear! I have to be ready in half an hour, and I live in the uk, please help!!

Floral romper, ankle boots, taupe wide brim hat xo

Anonymous: i have my best friends birthday party coming up... I love to wear all black but need something to spice up my outfit. any suggestions?

Statement necklace or pop color bag or shoes xo

Anonymous: I have a burgundy rose flower crown and a red rose flower crown what could I wear them with ?

Sun dresses, baby doll dresses, high waist shorts and bustiers ,maxi dresses, bell bottoms xo