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Anonymous: This is for the girl looking for stores in Boston. Check out Crush and Moxie on Charles Street, LIT boutique & pinkyotto on Newbury, and Flock in the south end on Shawmut ave.


Anonymous: What do you think about tall girls wearing heels? I'm 5'9, tall and skinny. I really want to start wearing heels but I don't know how to feel confident in them

Women look great in heels no matter how tall or short you are!

Anonymous: How to style colorful crop tops for a 20 yr old

Pair then with flowy shorts and talk gladiator sandals or pair them with a maxi skirt, high waist denim or under a pair of dungarees

Anonymous: I'm actually taking a flight to AZ and was wondering what's a good weather appropriate & stylish combo?

I’d do a cute crochet romper with ankle boots! It’s so hot here, the less clothes the better!

Anonymous: Is it bad to pair a loose shirt with loose bottoms?

Ehhhh I think it more flattering to have one piece tight and one piece loose