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Dirtylittlestylewhoree's Spring /summer 2014 Spring Essentials


(In no particular order )

-Slip dresses (sporting lingerie inspired clothing is going to be huge this spring and summer)
-White moto vest/buckled moto vest
-High waisted short suites
-Bright graphics
-Bucket bags
-Chunky stacked silver bangles
-90’s styled super big hole distressed…

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"Why can’t people just sit and read books and be nice to each other?"

 David BaldacciThe Camel Club  (via ladyofthewolvess)

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sleeplessincalifornia: Are most of your clothes in one size? Or how does your sizing work?

The clothes i sale on my sight run true to size so if you normally wear a size small in majority of clothing then that is the size you would order.some clothes i carry in all sizes while others i do not.

d0esntmatter: If i were to wear all black for a spring/summer look, what jewelry would look best to bring out a warm weather vibe? Silver or gold?

I would go with silver and silver pieces mixed with turquoise

Anonymous: Thank you for posting the s/s essentials list, helped me a lot!!!

Oh no problem!! Xo