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seeds4thesoul: How long do you think the open toe/sandal heel thing will be in style? Because I'm obsessed & don't want to buy too many pairs & be stuck with them lol

Open toed sandals will forever be in style.

weekendwarss: Hi! I ordered the Black Spaghetti Strap Loose Chiffon dress from Sheinside and it's completely sheer and see-through. There's no lining. Is there anything I could do or wear underneath so I'm not showing my bra and panties?

Wear a fitted slip or throw on a really cool strappy bralette and disco or corset shorts xo

Anonymous: What would u wear with white flatforms?

Black baby doll dress, silver head chain xo

Anonymous: are flatforms harder to walk in versus platform heels/sandals?

I wouldn’t say harder it just feels a bit more awkward xo

Anonymous: Hi! I've got a job as a internship at a new online fashion magazine - I'm a photographer not a fashion student so I don't own many 'fashion items' but I want to look like I at least am interested in fashion, first day tomorrow meeting the team, what would you wear/recommend?

Black high waisted skinny’s, fitted black top, nude ankle strap heels. Xo

Anonymous: I need help styling a sunflower slip/babydollish type of dress.

Oversized cardi, high bun, combat boots xo

Anonymous: do you know where you can find that black and white meshy top bikini that you reblogged??

triangle swimwear!

Anonymous: Ms. Court! ❤️Where can I find a cheaper alternative to the Jeffrey Campbell Scully's? I love those treaded chunky shoes!

Missguided has some that look identical!