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Anonymous: I bought a pair of high waisted shorts from American Apparel recently and I was wondering how to style them with over the knee socks? What kind of shoes can you wear with over knee socks?

You could do a bustier with a kimono, or a slouchy off the shoulder tee or even a band tee! As for shoes I would do platforms, combat boots or ankle boots xo

Anonymous: I have these print bell bottoms ( black and white ) and were wondering if can wear them with my acdc band t shirt ?

Band tees are always a good idea xo

Anonymous: I'm in looooove with Kylie Jenner's style, have you ever made a list of her favourite pieces? Love your blog!

She mainly wears a lot of black,leather, crop tops, angled skirts, American apparel high waist shorts, strappy heels or Chanel black combat boots. Her style is very edgy-casual

highdelights: Hi what would you wear with a pair of black 1461 dr martens? Thank you!

Seriously just throw them on and go. There really isn’t anything that they won’t go with! Dresses, shorts, rompers, skinny’s, skirts xo

Anonymous: omg you look great i cant believe you just had a baby whats your diet/workout routine if you dont mind sharing

Thank you! I still have a ton of more work to go until I get my body where I want it, I haven’t been able to work out as much lately but I do try to maintain a decent diet. No fast foods, chips, candy or so soda . But I do have one cheat day a week.