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Anonymous: What would you wear to a job interview at pacsun?

I use to work there a few years ago! For my interview I just wore a white sun dress with taupe lace up booties xo

justwantsuccess: where can I get good quality Black Chelsea boots/platforms? please X

TopShop, Asos, dr martens xo

Anonymous: Hii! Love your style. I'm going to a Coachella themed party, what could I wear with high waisted soft pink denim shorts?

Cream crochet halter top, taupe ankle boots

thank u!
supermcn4sty: do u have a list of coachella/music festival looks?

Nope but I do have lots of festival inspired looks through out my blog! Take a scroll through xo

Anonymous: I'm in desperate need for a new summer wardrobe! What are this years summer necessities? What's an easy outfit I could put together?

Hey there! Go into my tumblr page and under my tumblr name at the top you’ll see a few links click on the link that says spring and summer essentials!!

Anonymous: Hey so I purchased this really cute maxi skirt and its still a bit cold where I am, and I want to wear some form of cover with is like a cardigan or such what do you think would be the best cover with a maxi skirt? Thank You :)

Slouchy cardi or a kimono!xo

Anonymous: I'm dying my hair lilac soon and as it's getting closer I'm getting nervous. Do you think that it will be a fun idea or a waste of time? Will it be hard to find clothes that work with the look?

I think that would be pretty but probably hard to keep up and not to mention the damage. There is a girl on youtube named Sarah hawkingson and she had lilac hair and she had lots of style videos you can watch xo