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So I was on tumblr last night(like i always am) and i get a phone call from my boyfriend and i figure it was just his daily goodnight call that he gives me when he is away field training, but it wasn’t… When i pick up the phone he was like”look i have some news to tell you, but i don’t want you to freak out.” And naturally if your boyfriend is in the marines and he tells you that sentence your heart is going to automatically start racing and you will begin to freak out inside because your anticipating what hes going to say and your hoping that the news doesn’t have anything to do with him being hurt or the two of you being separated for and even longer amount of time.

So anyways as i was laying in bed, heart pounding… he says through the phone the most exciting words that i have heard in ages… “look out side your window I’m standing right out side!” And oh my fucking gosh you guys!! i started flipping the fuck out! i was seriously over joyed with happiness,i wasn’t expecting to see him for at least another 20 days!! So anyways i wash off my facial mask and sprint out side and jump straight into his arms, and in that moment i couldn’t have been any happier! My lips were so glued to his that we didn’t speak for a good 5 min haha just nothing but sweet long and over due kisses!

We finally did stop kissing eventually lol and we went inside and watched eddie murphy stand up comedy dvd and we fell asleep in each others arms and nothing could have felt better… it was a beautiful night , A beautiful night to live my beautiful life, with my beautiful boyfriend….

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