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I just want to clarify something. I re-blogged a beautiful photo the other day of a guy in his military uniform and his girlfriend kissing him with her foot up in the air, but it only shows their lower bodies and apparently i don’t know how this happened but i guess someone wrote some really nasty stuff under the photo and the way it was re-blogged i guess it makes it looks like i wrote it?? And i did not write it! I am almost in tears as I’m typing this. And to make matters even worse, i guess a bunch of military wives /gf on tumblr are really pissed at me because they think i wrote the awful comments and i most definitely did not! So if any of you guys hear that i was talking trash about the military i was not. Most of you guys know that my beloved boyfriend is a marine and i have so so so much respect for them! i would never say those awful things that people are claiming i said. Like seriously you guys don’t know how upset i am about this.. omg.

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